Monday, August 10, 2009

24-Hour Wedding Countdown from Beauty Eats

During my Daily Yahoo visit, I stumbled upon this really great post from Beauty Eats. I definitely thought it was worth sharing, so here it is:

Posted Mon, Jul 13, 2009, 4:36 pm PDT
It's wedding season, and here come the brides -- 44,230 of them a weekend! Whether it's you, your best friend, or an adored daughter who's counting down to The Big Day, here are five easy steps to ensure looking and feeling your best during those final 24 hours -- from the first toast until the final flurry of rose petals.

1. Bloat-proof your belly. Don't spoil the perfect fit of your dress! Avoid anything salty -- from pickles and fast food to Chinese takeout -- for at least 24 hours before saying "I do." Limit carbonated beverages too, which can be salty and gassy. You don't want to be bloated and burping!

2. Get lots of sleep. Forget all-night gabfests with your bridesmaids the night before. Instead, have a nice warm bath and, if possible, a gentle massage. Kinda hungry? Have some chamomile tea (mildly sedating) with a drizzle of honey (makes you less alert) and a banana (two sleep inducers and a muscle relaxant).

3. Create a caffeine-free zone. If you need wake-up coffee in the morning, fine. But then stop. Stock up on iced herbal teas, fruit juices, and bottled water. If you've got jitters, caffeine will make them worse, plus it's a diuretic so it'll make you pee a lot (no easy feat in a wedding dress) and could lead to dehydration -- a serious energy sapper.

4. Space out the alcohol. Weddings often mean a nonstop flow of celebratory champagne, wine, and cocktails. But you need to be dazzling, not dim (and definitely not dehydrated, sleepless, or hung over -- all risks of an open bar). So...

  • The night before: Give yourself a two-drink limit. Or stick with wine spritzers (ask for more club soda than wine).
  • The wedding breakfast: Skip the mimosas and sparkle up your OJ with seltzer.
  • The reception toasts: Sip your champagne, don't empty the glass. Pace yourself through to the cake cutting and bouquet tossing.

5. Eat something! There may be tons of food, but it's easy for busy brides not to get a bite. To keep your energy up, hunger down, and tummy flat, go for the fish, chicken, and salads -- but have a plan B: Ask your maid of honor to stash an energy bar or some Brazil nuts in her purse. Just six nuts give you four grams of protein and some healthy fat, a combo that will keep you going far longer than you'd think. Not for your whole life, of course, but that's what the rest of the day is about!

Curious about just how many years you and your Real Love could spend together? Start by finding out your RealAge -- with luck, you're younger than you think!"

What Great Advice!! Click on over to Beauty Eats for similar goodness!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fall 2009 Wedding Trends

Planning a fall wedding.......Well if you are, you better get a move on it! It's already the end of July!!! I cannot believe that. Where has the summer gone?

What's going to be hot for a fall wedding????? Basically anything original and bold! Check out the collages I've put together below of some of my favorite color combination's!

I love FUCHSIA! So naturally, my favorite is a fuchsia and bright tangerine mix!

This color combo has been a super hot trend in everything from baby showers to birthday parties to weddings, of course! And, I continue to sing it's praises!

That's All!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Themed Thursday -- Vintage Weddings

We love "Themed" everything! Especially Weddings, not that every wedding doesn't have some sort of a theme...color, setting, etc. But, we love an all out no holds barred theme down to the tiniest detail. It is an obsessive compulsive's dream come true!

One of my personal favorites is a Vintage themed wedding. I love old world glamor and is there really anything that screams Sexy and Classy better than Lace and Pearls?! I don't think so!

Below are a few examples of some of my favorite Vintage themes:

That's All!

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Marketing Material!

We ordered our new marketing material last week! Below is a preview, and I hope to be passing business cards and brochures out to everyone in the very near future!

Rack Cards:



Business Cards:

Front of one

Back of both

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's a Girl Thing!

We are two extremely GIRLIE chicks! Therefore, we love to throw girly baby showers, birthday parties, ect! Below are a few pics of our work and of work that we thought was fantastic!

Really, what's not to love about PINK!

We also do custom room decor such as wall murals, canvas art, letter art, etc.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weddings, Weddings, and more Weddings!

Below are a few things we here at Save.The.Date love! Some of our work, some of others, all FANTASTIC! Enjoy!

Who doesn't love color?! And last years Blueness was beautiful!

Pink and Chocolate and Cream and Blush make the magic happen!

Outdoors or indoors, whatever your preference!

Florals! Need I say more??

Just Beachy! My personal pick!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The First.......

Hello Internet! Welcome to our Event Planning Blog! We hope you come back to visit.

Weekly if not daily you will find tips and photos from various events we have coordinated as well as new ideas in the event planning world. We really look forward to all of your comments and inquiries, and we hope that this blog grows our brand new business. So, be generous and suggest our services to anyone you know who is planning an event. We are always looking for a new and creative way to plan your traditional event, so no party is to big or to small, to traditional or to over-the-top!

Because this is our first post, we thought that we would begin with a simple check list for starting an event planning business.


1. Required Skills and Qualifications
We are bossy born leaders, perfectionists, with a sick sense of style, and strict addictions to organization and our daily planners/blackberries.
We have been doing this unofficially for friends and family for several years now, and now we are ready to make it official!

2. Essential Equipment & Supplies:
Born Leaders, Creative Minds, Manically Organized, with a LARGE network of vendor's, and our two husbands who are studly really great at physical labor!

3. Target Market:

The entire state of Arkansas with focus on Central and Northwest.
Services have included, but are not limited to:
- Weddings
- Bridal Showers
- Engagement Parties
- Birthday Parties
- Baby Showers
- Corporate Galas
- Charity Galas
- Bridal Fairs
- University Events/Galas
- Community Events

4. Research:

Check! We have the experience and resources to tackle any task at hand.

5. Start Up Costs:

6. Setting up of Functions:
Researching, Organizing, Coordinating, Organizing, and Evaluating, and Organizing!

7. Fixing the Correct Price:
A Work in Progress.....which means DISCOUNT for you!

8. Marketing Your Service:
Save.The.Date. Blog, Save.The.Date Facebook Group, and Twitter extraordinaire.
Networking and word of mouth are be the best marketing methods, so give us a shout out!

So, look out world of event planning because there are new girls in town, and we are ready to take Arkansas by storm!